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Standards and Guidelines

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Updated and Improved Standards Review Database


The online standards review database has been updated to provide greater functionality, offering a single sign in feature with dashboard, so users can easily access and highlight those items that require attention. The new system reduces staff and volunteer time by allowing committees to do all of their letter ballots in the system, track most committee activity online and download ballot reports.

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pdf_icon.png  ASHRAE Standards Strategic Plan

ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines Activities / ASHRAE International Standards Activities

Standards Committee

General Information and Meeting Minutes

Committee Activities

Options to Stay Current With Standards Activities

How to Join Project Committees

Project Committee Interim Meetings

International Secretariats and U.S. TAGs (Technical Activities Groups) Administered by ASHRAE

Preview ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines

You may preview the following ASHRAE Standards & Guidelines with the links below.  The link will allow you to viewing access to your selection with the option to purchase your copy with the buy button.  If you need technical support, please contact iEngineering at

Errata to guidelines and standards can be found here.

Guideline 1.4-2019

Guideline 11-2021

Guideline 12-2023

Guideline 28-2021

Guideline 29-2019

Guideline 36-2021

Standard 15-2022

Standard 34-2022

Standard 52.2-2017

Standard 55-2023

Standard 62.1-2022

Standard 62.2-2022

Standard 84-2020

Standard 90.1 2022 (I-P)

Standard 90.1 2022 (S-I)

Standard 90.2-2018

Standard 100-2018

Standard 111-2008 (RA 2017)

Standard 135-2020

Standard 140-2023

Standard 154-2022

Standard 161-2018

Standard 170-2021

Standard 180-2018

Standard 183-2007 (RA 2020)

Standard 185.2-2020

Standard 188-2021

Standard 189.1-2020

Standard 202-2018

Standard 205-2023

Standard 211-2018 (RA2023)

Standard 224-2023

Standard 241-2023

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Standards Training

This site provides recommended training for participants in the standards development process. This training is being made available here for individual self training purposes. Select the link below for additional information and training presentations.

Standards Training

Standard Project Committees and Guideline Project Committees

Complete information about Project Committees, including PC Chairs Training, instructions for using the Commenters Database, and PC websites.


Indexes of Current & Withdrawn Standards and Discontinued Projects

Code Interaction

The duties of the Code Interaction Subcommittee (CIS) of Standards shall be to advise the Standards Committee on ASHRAE’s relationships with building code-writing bodies.

Procedures governing the CIS Subcommittee of Standards Committee can be found in the Standards Committee Reference Manual – Section 16. All meetings are announced over the codes listserver. For more information, visit the CIS website here.

pdf_icon.png  Code Interaction Subcommittee (CIS) – Section 16 of the Standards Committee Reference Manual (PDF)

Please contact Emily Toto ( with any additional questions.

List Servers

Project Committee List Servers for Standards


ASHRAE Standard 34-2019 establishes a simple means of referring to common refrigerants instead of using the chemical name, formula or trade name.  It also established a uniform system for assigning reference numbers and safety classifications to refrigerants.

ASHRAE refrigerant designations (current as of May 2021)

Section 9 of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 34-2019, Application Instructions, identifies the requirements to apply for designations and safety classifications for refrigerants. 

BACnet Vendor ID Numbers

Select the link below for additional information on ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135 and the procedures for requesting a BACnet Vendor ID Number or a BACnet MS/TP Frame Type Number.

pdf_icon.png  Procedures for Requesting BACnet Vendor IDs (PDF)

pdf_icon.png  Procedures for Requesting BACnet MS/TP Frame Types (PDF)

SSPC 135 Website

ASHRAE Standards Addenda, Errata, and Interpretations

Addenda for ASHRAE Standards, including continuous maintenance standards, are available online in PDF format. Standards that are on continuous maintenance are continuously updated through addenda and ASHRAE makes these available free online.

When it is determined that a published standard, guideline, code, or user's manual contains an error or errors, an errata sheet may be published at the discretion of the Manager of Standards.

A request for interpretation may be either 'official' or 'unofficial' (personal).