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This Month's Featured ASHRAE Journal Article Excerpts

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Excerpts of ASHRAE Journal articles are featured each month on the ASHRAE website. Embedded links in each article allow members to access and download the entire article for free and nonmembers to purchase the article through the ASHRAE Technology Portal.

January 2019

Installation Precautions for Split System Air-Cooled Condensing Units
George Games, P.E.

Dedicated Heat Recovery Virtual Chiller Provides Savings for NASA
Michael Reed; Wade Robinson; Norm Hawes

December 2018

Simulated Impact of Energy Codes: Thermal Comfort in Heated-and-Ventilated-Only Warehouses
Christian Taber; Donald Colliver, Ph.D., P.E.

November 2018

Tuscan Villas
Joseph W. Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE

Ventilation Requirements for Electric Cooking Appliances: Comparing Wall-Mounted and Single Island Hoods
Toshiya Iwamatsu, Ph.D., Associate Member ASHRAE; Wataru Urabe

October 2018

Data Center Controls Reliability
Jeff Stein, P.E.; Brandon Gill, P.E.

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Expo Upgrades With Performance Contract
Matt Branham, P.E.

September 2018

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Historic Law School Stays Cutting Edge
Brian Coffield, P.E.; Cindy Cogil, P.E.

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Retrofit Breathes Life Into Campus Landmark
Stet Sanborn, AIA; Dawn Pillsbury

August 2018

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Modeling During Design Helps Energy Efficiency
By Roland Charneux, P.E.; Daniel Picard, P.E.

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: A New Approach to Museum HVAC Design
By Steven T. Taylor, P.E.; David Heinzerling, P.E.

July 2018

Optimizing Cooling Performance of a Data Center Using CFD Simulation and Measurements
By Amir Radmehr, Ph.D.; John Fitzpatrick; Kailash Karki, Ph.D.

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Site Blends Sustainability, Function with Aesthetics
By Chris Deal, P.Eng.; Mark Hersch, P.Eng.

June 2018

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Five Hospitals, One Goal: Maximum Energy Savings
Olivier Matte, Eng.; Patrick Ouellet, Eng.

CFD Analysis of Hospital Operating Room Ventilation Systems - Part 2: Analyses of HVAC Configurations
Kishor Khankari, Ph.D.

May 2018

2018 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Paving a Path for Zero Energy Schools
Ray Beaufait, P.E.
Discovery Elementary School in Arlington, Va., is the nation’s largest zero energy elementary school.

CFD Analysis of Hospital Operating Room Ventilation System Part 1: Analysis of Air Change Rates
Kishor Khankari, Ph.D.
The author reports on a study that used CFD analyses of a hospital operating room to analyze the impact of supply airflow rates ...

February 2018

Prospects of Powering a Refrigerated Warehouse with Renewable Energy >>
Douglas Reindl, Ph.D., P.E.; Marc Claas; Jake Denison
How feasible is it to power a refrigerated warehouse with renewable energy? This article includes an analysis of the question based on an actual refrigerated warehouse using simulated energy and economic performance of renewable energy technologies.

IEQ Applications: Cleanroom Airlock Performance and Beyond >>
Wei Sun, P.E.
Learn about “contamination migration rate,” a new term used to quantify contamination migration level from a contaminated area into a protective area across barriers such as an airlock.