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The Value of Certification

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There are many reasons to pursue certification. Find your reason.

Employers and Employees- are you interested in learning more about the Value of ASHRAE Certification?
Download an “Executive Summary” of 2021 survey results today.

What do employers say?

“There is a need for qualified HVAC Designers at my company.” (81%)
“An HVAC Designer certification would be a worthwhile professional development goal.” (82%)

What do ASHRAE-certified professionals say?

“I'm proud to hold my ASHRAE certification.” (94%)
“ASHRAE Certification validates my level of specialized knowledge and ability.” (89%)
“ASHRAE Certification helps differentiate me from my peers.” (82%)
“In my field, ASHRAE Certification has provided me with greater professional recognition.” (73%)


  Convince Your Supervisor

To gain support from your supervisor to pursue an ASHRAE certification, download the letter template.

Certification Pursuit Letter Template