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ASHRAE and CIBSE Reciprocal Membership Agreement

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ASHRAE and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), has a reciprocal membership agreement designed to broaden the knowledge of engineers and engineering organizations. Under the agreement, full Members and ASHRAE members without professional engineering licenses are eligible to join CIBSE without undergoing the normal qualifications review into the appropriate CIBSE member grades. Likewise, all CIBSE members can join without undergoing ASHRAE's admissions and advancement review.

The reciprocal membership agreement was created in 2007. Since that time over 130 ASHRAE members have joined CIBSE, and over 150 CIBSE members have joined ASHRAE.

Reciprocal Membership Arrangement Includes:

  • Access to the widest combined source of technological information and services relevant to building services (HVAC&R) that are based on global, industry accepted documents, standards, and guidelines
  • Provide improved opportunities for international member to member liaison
  • Access a wider range of technical and educational information that provides a more comprehensive international understanding
  • Contribute, and benefit from, focused shared publication development
  • Opportunity to participate as a full member in technical groups and committees in both organisations
  • Provide ready-made conduit for young engineers to discover the global reach of engineering
  • CIBSE YEN and ASHRAE YEA Potential to move forward to jointly supported projects
  • Fast-tracking (and waived processing fees) of membership applications for selected membership grades within CIBSE

Ready to Join CIBSE?

ASHRAE members who are interested in joining CIBSE can learn more about the CIBSE ASHRAE Route to Membership.

Ready to Join ASHRAE?

CIBSE members that want to join ASHRAE fill out the join form.

Please email if you have any questions or would like further information