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Sponsorship Opportunities

The 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference, June 25-29, at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, Canada, provides opportunities to
reach conference attendees through a hybrid conference format. Meet face-to-face, establish your company’s presence
at the conference, and reach a worldwide, virtual audience through livestreamed and on-demand sessions.
Interest in decarbonization and energy-efficiency have never been greater, while the world prepares for a record year
of building and renovations. Join in the conversation by becoming a Conference Sponsor. The 2022 ASHRAE Annual
Conference partners with ASHRAE Journal to offer exclusive advertising opportunities to extend your company’s message
and to create a Technology Showcase in conjunction with the conference.

Base Sponsorship: $3,000

Deadline to commit - May 20, 2022

Sponsors who commit early will have greater exposure

Includes the following:

  • Registration List (Estimated Value of $1,500): Postal information for a one-time mailing to registrants who opted in for sponsor messages.
  • Dedicated Sponsor Page in ASHRAE 365 Conference App and Conference Website (Estimated Value of $2,000):
    A dedicated spot on the ASHRAE conference app and website to post logos, link videos, upload marketing material
    and share contact information. Sponsor page is viewable to anyone visiting the ASHRAE 365 app or conference
    page – not just registered conference attendees. Analytics such as page views, number of downloads for resources
    added and impressions on your logo will be made available after the conference.
  • Logo Visibility (Estimated Value of $1,000): Your logo will be added to a prominent position on the conference website that will link to your company’s website. Sponsor logos will also be printed on signage at the conference and in other conference materials.
  • Complimentary Registrations: (Estimated Value of $750+): One registration with full access to attend the in-person conference as well as access to all information offered by ASHRAE presenters, livestreamed content, all conference papers, and on-demand content.

Value added benefits:

  • Conference Promotions (Estimated Value of $1,500): Your company’s logo will be linked to your website in all
    ASHRAE emails promoting the conference and on the official conference website. This includes approximately15
    promotional emails (based on commitment date), sent to all ASHRAE members and other interested individuals
    totaling over 65K unique recipients each email.
  • Social Media (Estimated Value of $1,500): One social media post highlighting all sponsors on each of ASHRAE’s
    official social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram).
  • Home Page Visibility (Estimated Value of $5,000): Recognition on the ashrae.org home page which has 125,000
    unique visits average per month.
  • Sponsor Appreciation Email (Estimated Value of $3,000): One-time, dedicated email highlighting all conference
    sponsors, sent the week before the conference to all registered attendees who opted in for sponsor messages.
    Includes sponsor logo and hotlink.
  • Daily Email Highlights (Estimated Value of $5,000): Your company’s logo and hotlink are included in emails sent to
    all registered attendees each day of the conference (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and
    included in the Know Before You Go email sent to registered attendees prior to the start of the conference.

Start with the base sponsorship and choose from any of the enhanced add-on opportunities

Details of each sponsorship add-on are listed below.
*Virtual enhancements also available.

Enhanced Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Add-Ons provide the opportunity to increase lead generations and visibility for your company during the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference. Select from any of the upgrades below:


Exclusive Technical Session Broadcast Sponsor (limit of 1) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

NEW! ASHRAE is offering a unique, innovative technological solution for presenting the technical program: half of the Technical Program rooms will be open-walled space. This solution will allow multiple sessions to occur concurrently while allowing attendees to view and hear several presentations at the same time. Broadcasting multiple presentations via audio device directly to branded headsets worn by all attendees provides greater access. Attendees will connect to different sessions and presentations no matter where they are.

This is an exclusive opportunity for one sponsor only. This technology provides significan tvisibility to reach attendees through the tools used to hear the technical program sessions:

  • Branding and messaging on the audio device, lanyard and packaging distributed to all Technical Session attendees
  • A thirty-second “thank you” message acknowledging the sponsor’s support will be played during breaks between each session (up to four times per day) for all session attendees to hear.
  • The opportunity to play once a day a sponsor-branded audio file (i.e., podcast) to attendees (a total of four times for five minutes each).
  • Watch this short video to see how the audio broadcasts work.
Commit by April 8 for these added-value benefits:
  • Show thought-leadership by hosting a Sponsor Tech Talk (value of $5,000) which includes a live, in-person 30-minute interactive session at the headquarter hotel. Display your company’s technology for conference attendees.
  • Extend your Sponsor Tech Talk reach by broadcasting it to virtual attendees live via WebEx or Zoom (value of $1,000).
  • Boost your logo visibility by branding the Conference Wi-Fi login page for all attendees to access the internet in the meeting space for the duration of the conference (value of $3,000) and afterward.

Livestream Sponsor

The Annual Conference will livestream up to ten technical sessions so that virtual attendees may take part in some of the live sessions. All attendees may access recorded livestream sessions as well as recordings of all other technical sessions for on-demand viewing for 12 months post-conference. A list of virtual attendees who opted in for sponsor messages and watched the livestream sessions will be made available after the conference.


Keynote Sponsor - SOLD

The ASHRAE Annual Conference begins with the Plenary Session – the Meeting of the Members on Saturday, June 25 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. It will be recorded and made available for viewing on ashrae.org. In addition, your company’s logo will be prominently placed on the website where the video is posted. The Plenary Session is open to all and brings together ASHRAE’s leadership, ASHRAE members and other HVAC&R leaders from around the world. Prestigious Society awards are presented, including Exceptional and Distinguished Service Awards and Achievement Awards. The Keynote Address will be delivered by Fredi Lajvardi, a nationally recognized STEM Educator and subject of the critically acclaimed documentary, Underwater Dreams, the major motion picture, Spare Parts and the IMAX film
Dream Big.
In-Person Sponsor Benefits:
  • Signage of company logo.
  • Opportunity to provide branded merchandise on chairs.
  • Your company is recognized in printed program.
  • Your company’s representatives meet and greet attendees in ballroom foyer as they walk into session.
  • Dedicated tabletop for branded literature and giveaways in ballroom foyer.
  • The ASHRAE President verbally acknowledges your sponsorship before and after event.
  • Reserved premier seating for sponsors.

Welcome Party (limit of 1)

The Conference fun officially begins at the Welcome Party! The Welcome Party, hosted by the local ASHRAE host committee, takes place on Saturday at the iconic CN Tower, Canda’s most recognizable and celebrated icon. The party includes heavy hors d’oeuvres, two drink tickets and local flair. The event is open to conference and meeting attendees.
Sponsor Benefits:
  • Branded napkins and drink tickets, and bonus opportunity to create a specialty drink.
  • Three (3) Complimentary tickets to the Welcome Party for sponsor representatives.
  • Dedicated tabletop for branded literature and giveaways.
  • Verbal acknowledgment of sponsor before and after event.
  • Sponsor representatives meet and greet attendees.
  • Signage

President's Luncheon (limit of 1)

2022-2023 ASHRAE President Farooq Mehboob presents the Society’s theme: Securing our Future. This plated-lunch event includes the presentation of certificates of appreciation to retiring Board members and the installation ceremony for the 2022-2023 officers and Board of Directors.
President Mehboob’s address will be recorded and made available for anyone to view on ashrae.org. In addition, your company’s logo will be prominently placed on the website where the video is posted.
Sponsor Benefits:
  • Your company logo printed on event tickets and printed programs.
  • Dedicated tabletop for your company’s branded literature and giveaways in ballroom foyer prior to the event.
  • Verbal acknowledgment of sponsor during the event.
  • Your company’s representatives can meet and greet with attendees in the ballroom foyer prior to the event.
  • Signage with messaging.
  • Three (3) complimentary tickets to the President’s Luncheon with VIP seating for your company.

Women in ASHRAE Breakfast (limit of two) - 1 remaining

The Women in ASHRAE Happy Hour brings women in the HVAC&R industry together to make connections and share experiences. This popular event takes place Monday, June 27 at a nearby venue. The event is open to conference and meeting attendees and includes one drink ticket and networking opportunities.
Sponsor Benefits:
  • Your company’s logo printed on event tickets and branded napkins.
  • Dedicated tabletop for your company’s branded literature and giveaways at the venue.
  • Your company’s representatives can meet and greet with attendees in the during the event.
  • Signage.
  • Three (3) complimentary tickets to the happy hour with additional drink tickets.

Members' Night Out (limit of 1)

The Conference concludes with the Members’ Night Out celebration! Members’ Night Out takes place Tuesday evening, June 28, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto, the headquarters hotel. The evening includes special guest introductions, Presidential remarks, reception, plated dinner and entertainment from a local band, British Invasion.
Sponsor Benefits:
  • Your company’s logo printed on event tickets and branded napkins.
  • Dedicated tabletop for your company’s branded literature and giveaways in ballroom foyer prior to the event.
  • Verbal acknowledgment of sponsor during the event.
  • Your company’s representatives can meet and greet with attendees in the ballroom foyer prior to the event.
  • Opportunity to provide raffle prizes.
  • Signage.
  • Three (3) complimentary tickets to Members’ Night Out with VIP seating for sponsor representatives.

Sponsor Tech Talk (limit of 12) - 8 slots remaining

Opportunity to host a live, in-person 30-minute interactive session at the Sheraton Centre, the ASHRAE headquarters hotel. Take this opportunity to display your company’s technology for conference attendees. Anyone can attend Sponsor Tech Talks, even those registered to attend committee meetings only. Your company will be recognized as a Tech Talk sponsor in the ASHRAE conference and meeting schedule.

Upgrade to a Tech Talk Sponsor+! Extend the reach of your in-person demonstration to a virtual audience via WebEx or Zoom. The live Tech Talk will be recorded and linked to the conference schedule. A list of virtual attendees who opted in for sponsor messages will be made available following the conclusion of the conference. Additional $1,000 for the Recorded Sponsor Tech Talk.


Coffee Break Sponsor (limit of four)

Coffee Breaks are offered (are aligned) during breaks in the Technical Program on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to provide networking opportunities for conference attendees and sponsors. Coffee breaks are listed in the conference schedule and typically draw meeting attendees working on standards and technical committees. Your company’s logo will be printed on signage and beverage napkins. A table will be provided for your company’s marketing collateral and giveaways as well as the opportunity for your staff to meet and greet with attendees. Also included is a dedicated call out in the daily email sent to all registered attendees.
Upgrade to a Coffee Break Sponsor+! The opportunity to provide a Starbucks gift card to the first 100 virtual attendees via branded e-delivery site. Contact information for recipients who opted in to receive sponsor messages is also included. Additional $1,500 for the Virtual Coffee Break.

Health and Safety Sponsor

Opportunity to provide branding at the COVID-19 testing medical desk, which most attendees will visit to receive their COVID-19 test for departing travel. Additional branding is available for hand sanitizer, masks or other PPE items for attendees and on all health and safety signage and conference promotional materials.

Wi-Fi Sponsor (limit of two)

Extend beyond in-person and virtual conferences with ASHRAE’s leap into hybrid conferences and meetings! Sponsor branding included for the conference Wi-Fi log-in page at both conference venues: Sheraton Centre and the Hilton Toronto. Sponsors provide stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi to ASHRAE attendees for an enhanced experience during hybrid technical sessions and committee meetings.

On-Demand Sessions Sponsor (limit of two) 

Opportunity to brand the virtual conference platform that hosts the 80+ on-demand sessions available to conference registrants 12 months after the conference. All registered attendees, both in-person and virtual, will have access to on-demand sessions.

Swag Sponsor 

The opportunity to provide branded giveaways to in-person attendees (i.e., hand sanitizer, water bottles, notepads, etc.). Visibility benefits include branded signage in the registration area, tabletop for branded literature and giveaways, meet and greet with attendees at registration on Saturday. Sponsor to provide branded giveaways.
Upgrade to a Swag Sponsor+! Ability to provide a digital gift card or gift item to a certain number of virtual attendees via a branded e-delivery site and a dedicated call out in daily email sent to all registered attendees (does not include cost of gift). Additional $1,000 for the Virtual Swag Sponsor.

Daily Prize Sponsor (unlimited)

Opportunity to host a raffle + giveaway on the day of your choice to be promoted in the Registration and Bookstore area. This sponsorship includes your company’s branded promotional materials and an announcement of the raffle at the Plenary Session.

Member Lounge Sponsor (limit of four)

The ASHRAE Member Lounge is the hub for networking. Your company will receive logo visibility and branding on lounge signage and pre-conference promotional materials. Also included is a 30-minute meet and greet, promoted in the conference schedule, for your representatives to mingle with ASHRAE members in the lounge. A table will be provided for your company’s materials and giveaways.

Know Before You Go Email Sponsor 

Opportunity to brand the Know Before You Go email sent to all registered attendees (in-person and virtual) prior to the Conference. Your company’s skyscraper ad will be included in the email.

Dedicated Post-Conference Email Sent to All Opted-In Registrants (limit of four)

ASHRAE will send a dedicated email, on your company’s behalf, within four weeks following the conference to all opted-in conference attendees. ASHRAE staff will help craft your customized email, send the email and provide metrics following the send. First to reserve receives first selection of send dates based on calendar. Limit of one message sent per week.

Dual Conference Sponsor with ASHRAE’s Ventilation 2022 Conference

ASHRAE is organizing the Ventilation 2022: 13th International Industrial Ventilation Conference for Contaminant Control, June 22-24, preceding the ASHRAE Annual Conference. Both conferences are at the Sheraton Toronto. Ventilation 2022 is expecting 200+ international engineers, practitioners, researchers, scientists and regulatory personnel working in the specialized industrial ventilation field.
>> Extend reach by sponsoring both the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference and Ventilation 2022. The Dual Sponsorship includes:
  • One complimentary registration to BOTH conferences.
  • Logo recognition on both conference websites, signage, apps and other materials.
  • One time use of Opt-In Conference mailing list for BOTH conferences.
*Upgrade to a Dual Conference Sponsor+! In addition to the benefits of the Dual Conference Sponsorship, add on the ability to have an information table at Ventilation 2022 and engage with attendees face-to-face. An additional complimentary registration – a total of two complimentary registrations for both conferences – is also included. Additional $1,500 for the Upgraded Dual Conference Sponsor+

Complimentary Registrations Include:

Saturday, June 25 – Wednesday, June 29

  • Access to Technical Program over four days (Seminars, Workshops, Paper Sessions, Debates and Panels).
  • Entry into the in-person Plenary Session Sat., June 25 at 3:15 p.m. ET.
  • Networking Coffee Break Sun., June 26 from 9 – 9:30 a.m. ET.
  • Access to the livestreamed and recorded sessions and conference proceedings made available for one-year post-conference.


  • All sessions in the Technical Program, the Plenary and President’s Luncheon will be recorded and available on-demand until
    June 29, 2023.
  • Ability to continue to earn PDHs in the on-demand period as well as download Conference Papers until June 29, 2023.

ASHRAE Journal Presents: Additional Advertising Opportunities to Magnify Reach

ASHRAE Journal brings the latest news, products and technical information to the ASHRAE membership. Together,
the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference and ASHRAE Journal create the new ASHRAE 2022 Technology
According to publisher research, ASHRAE’s circulation universe encompasses more than 10 million annual impressions.
Before ASHRAE’s top leaders gather to chart the path of industry standards, ASHRAE Media offers the following
opportunities to engage specifiers and other leaders with your company’s technology.

2022 ASHRAE Journal Supplier Product Capabilities Guide

Submit a product announcement for the New Product Guide given to all ASHRAE members prior to the start of the Annual Conference. Circulation is 50,000 readers of ASHRAE Journal in print and online. Place a one-half page advertisement and earn bonus, equal-matching space for explaining a product technology or your firm’s thought-leadership in the industry. Larger advertisements also qualify.

Special Edition of HVAC&R Industry

HVAC&R Industry newsletter is distributed to more than 90,000 readers with the latest news about technology, industry standards and applications. A special newsletter during the conference will highlight emerging and new technology for 2022.

Host Technical Program Content on your Website

Drive traffic to your website and build relationships with your community by providing free access to key sessions from the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference for three months post-conference. Opportunities begin at $750. The rate may be increased due to amount of content posted.


ASHRAE is a global society, advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today.

ASHRAE members create a healthy and sustainable built environment for all through strategic partnerships with organizations in the HVAC&R community and across related industries. The Society’s membership is reflective of the impact, reputation and credibility of ASHRAE’s resources within the United States and abroad.


Greg Martin
Associate Publisher, ASHRAE Media Advertising


  • Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute
  • Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute
  • Armstrong Ceilings
  • Automated Logic
  • Berner International
  • BSI Professional Series
  • Cambridge
  • ClimaCool
  • Climate Control Group
  • CO2 Meter
  • ComEd Energy Efficiency Program
  • Condair
  • Daikin
  • DEWALT Tools
  • Direct Activity
  • Ebtron
  • Ecochillers Corporation
  • Energy Recovery
  • GF Piping Systems
  • GPS Global Plasma Solutions
  • Honeywell
  • Johnson Controls
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • LG Electronics
  • Littelfuse
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Munters
  • Navis International Trade & Consulting LTD
  • ONICON & Air Monitor Corporation
  • Phoenix Controls
  • RGF Environmental Group
  • Rosenberg USA
  • SPX Cooling Technologies
  • Super Radiator Coils
  • Turkish HVAC-R Industry Exporters Union
  • Trane
  • Vaisala
  • Xylem


*As of March 2022