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Papers and Programs for ASHRAE Winter and Annual Conferences

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Papers and Program Deadlines for ASHRAE Conferences

For more information, please contact Tiffany Cox at

Call for Topical Conference and Track Suggestions

The Conferences and Expositions Committee (CEC) oversees ASHRAE's Annual and Winter Conferences and other topical conferences and expositions globally. The CEC continually works to improve the conference experience for all attendees. To help keep a "pulse" on the technical issues facing professionals in the HVAC&R marketplace, the CEC seeks ideas for tracks within its Annual, Winter and Topical Conferences. Click the button below to submit a suggestion:



Programs, such as seminars, forums, workshops, panels and debates, to be presented at ASHRAE's Winter and Annual Conferences will be posted on each conference's Web page. Visit the ASHRAE Conferences page for links to future ASHRAE Winter and Annual Conferences. The conference Web pages provide the dates for program submission as well as the final, selected program.

Conference Paper Sessions. These sessions present papers on current applications or procedures, as well as papers reporting on research in process. These papers differ from technical papers in that they are shorter in length and undergo a much less stringent peer review.

Debates. Debates highlight hot-button issues. Experts, either on teams or as individuals, present different sides of an issue in debate format.  Each participant presents evidence for or against a specific statement or question such as ‘Is Sustainability Really Sustainable?”.

Forums. Forums are “off-the-record” discussions held to promote a free exchange of ideas. Reporting of forums is limited to allow individuals to speak confidentially without concern of criticism. There are no papers attached to these forums.

Panels. Panel discussions can feature a broad range of subjects and explore different perspectives on issues in the industry. A panel may feature discussions about integrated project delivery among designers, builders and facility management professionals.

Seminars. Seminars feature presentations on subjects of current interest. Papers are not available from the Society; however, seminar PowerPoint presentations with audio descriptions of the presentations are posted online.

Technical Paper Sessions. These sessions present papers on current applications or procedures, as well as papers resulting from research on fundamental concepts and basic theory.

Workshops. Workshops enable technical committees and other ASHRAE committees to provide a series of short presentations on a topic requiring specific expertise. These short presentations are provided with an increased emphasis on audience participation and training in a specific set of skills.

Technical Papers

Technical Papers are presented by authors at ASHRAE Winter and Annual Conferences. Technical Papers submitted for review must be both technically accurate and clearly written. Technical Papers undergo a rigorous double-blind review and must be approved by three reviewers knowledgeable in the subject matter. Presentation is by poster or orally, if grouped into a session with related papers. Technical Papers can be up to 30 double-spaced manuscript pages in length, including tables and charts, and a maximum of 12 figures (not counted in the page count).

Accepted Technical Papers are available as hard-copy preprints in the bookstore during the conference.  The Technical Papers must be presented at the conference in order to be published in ASHRAE Transactions, where they will be included with questions and answers (if any).  ASHRAE Transactions is cited in the Clarivate Analytics (previously the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters) Web of Knowledge Index of Scientific & Technical Proceedings, Index to Scientific Books and Current Contents Proceedings: Engineering, Technology, Applied Physics. Technical papers are also cited in SciVerse Scopus and COMPENDEX. Technical Papers are also available as a collection via subscription to ASHRAE Technology Portal.

AUTHORS:  When writing your technical paper manuscript, please follow the guidelines in the  ASHRAE Authors Manual.

Submit your technical paper manuscript for peer review on Manuscript Central

Learn more about Transactions papers and obtain copies from previous conferences

Conference Papers

Conference Papers are shorter than Technical Papers, undergo a less stringent review and can be prepared closer to the conferences. Unlike Technical Papers, abstracts of Conference Papers are submitted first for review. Upon acceptance, papers are due three months after abstract acceptance, undergo a single-blind review (the author(s) names are included in the paper; however, reviewer’s remain anonymous), and must be approved by two reviewers.

Upon approval, papers are scheduled for oral presentation. Conference Papers can be no more than 8 single-spaced pages in length total (includes text, tables, figures, etc.). This page count does not include references. Papers are prepared using a template and are submitted in final, ready to publish, PDF format.

The Conference Paper format is used for the Society's Winter and Annual Conferences as well as at ASHRAE topical conferences. Accepted Conference Papers for the Winter and Annual Conferences are available as hard-copy preprints in the bookstore during the conference. Conference Papers presented following the 2019 Winter Conference are published in ASHRAE Transactions and available individually in the ASHRAE bookstore. Conference Papers are also available as a PDF collection via subscription to ASHRAE Technology Portal.

Accepted conference papers for topical conferences are published on the conference proceedings flashdrive and distributed at the start of the conference. Accepted conference papers abstracts are reviewed for a possible topical issue of ASHRAE's journal of archival research, Science and Technology for the Built Environment.

pdf_icon.png  See a formatted conference paper sample here.

word_icon.png  Download the conference paper template here.

Learn more about conference papers and obtain copies from previous conferences

Call for Papers

Calls for papers will be posted on each conference's Web page. Visit the ASHRAE Conferences page for links to future ASHRAE Winter and Annual Conferences. For the schedule of calls for papers and programs, click here.  

ASHRAE’s Historical Committee Announces Call for Papers for the Society’s 125th Anniversary

ASHRAE will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its founding during the 2019-2020 Society year.

As a part of the celebration, the Historical Committee has announced a call for papers on technologies and topics that occurred after 1920.  What do you consider are the milestone industry advances in heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning?  How did they develop, who did it, how does it impact us now?  HVAC&R engineering changed our lives!  What did we engineers do?  How did we do it?  Your topic can be specific or broad, but let’s document the history.  Accepted papers will be published in ASHRAE Transactions and presented at a Society Winter or Annual Conference during the celebration year. 

Abstracts are due December 7th, 2018. Upon acceptance, papers are due March 2019. Papers can be a maximum of 30 double-spaced pages in length and undergo a double-blind review.

For more information, contact Jeff Haberl, 979-845-6507,

Instructions to submit an ASHRAE 125th Anniversary paper:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the paper details:
    1. Title
    2. Short 100 words or less “promotional” abstract. A “review” abstract is requested in Step #5.
    3. Select the publication subcategory of the Conference in which you prefer to present the manuscript: Orlando 2020 or Austin 2020. The 2020 Conferences take place as follows: February 1 – 5 in Orlando, FL and June 27 – July 1 in Austin > Save and Continue
    4. Select 3 keywords
  3. Enter the author and co-author information: To check if an author already exists in the journal's database, enter the author's e-mail address and click "Find."   If the author is found, their information will automatically populate for you. > Save and Continue
  4. Cover letter: Use the space provided to indicate “ASHRAE 125th Anniversary Paper”
  5. File Upload: Use the file upload module to submit a longer 400-word maximum abstract in Word format. This “review” abstract should go into greater depth about the paper.
  6. Review the details entered and submit

Staff Support: Please contact Chris Preyor,

Call for Reviewers

Wish you could get more involved in the Society but don't know how?  Consider volunteering to review Conference Papers and Technical Papers submitted to ASHRAE for publication.

Reviewers are selected based on their technical background and technical interests.  Our goal is to publish only papers that are of high professional and scientific quality and that have permanent reference value for our readership. The peer review process is critical to achieving this goal.  Volunteer reviewers are expected to contribute valuable feedback that assists the ASHRAE Conferences and Expositions Committee (CEC) in determining acceptance for publication.

Please submit your interest in assisting with the peer review process by entering your information here

Technical Program Session Chairs

If you are interested in serving as a session chair in the technical program, please click here to submit your interest.  As a session chair, your responsibilities include:

Introducing the speakers that are presenting in your session.

Communicating with speakers to make sure that the presentation lengths are prepared within the time allotted – please see the guidelines below.

Meeting with speakers onsite in the Speaker’s Lounge 30 minutes prior to the start of your session to review introductions and logistics for the session.

Commercialism Policy

pdf_icon.png Commercialism Policy

The SI Guide


pdf_icon.png  The ASHRAE SI Guide

ASHRAE's Publishing Ethics

word_icon.png  ASHRAE's Publishing Ethics 

Citation and Abstract Services

ASHRAE Journal - Citation and Abstract Services

ASHRAE Standards - Citation and Abstract Services

ASHRAE Transactions - Citation and Abstract Services

ASHRAE Conference Papers - Citation and Abstract Services

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