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Establishing an ASHRAE Student Branch

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Virtual Talks

2/27/24 ASHRAE Virtual Talk: Do you even network? Learn how to work the room with Abhishek Khurana
Watch the Video here

In this session, Abhi discussed the benefits of networking and provided tips for networking anxiety and making a positive impression.

10/31/23 Introduction to Building Decarbonization with Dru Crawley 
Watch the Video here | ppt.png View slides here.

This presentation describes the basics of building decarbonization including building carbon dioxide and other emissions key drivers for decarbonization, how carbon impact is measured, and the accepted international standards and defining carbon lifecycle calculations. 

4/4/23 Back to the Future: Our Industry in 2030 with Tim Wentz
Watch the Virtual Branch Student Congress | View PowerPoint slides

In this session, Tim discussed emerging trends and technologies that will likely shape our future.

2/20/23 Using Embedded Tube Radiant Cooling Systems to Maximize Energy Efficiency: Devin Abellon
Watch the Virtual Branch Student Congress | View PowerPoint slides

In this session, Devin discussed how in-slab radiant cooling systems can be used as part of an energy-efficient design solution to maximize energy efficiency and how this has been accomplished on projects both here in the United States and abroad.

10/20/22 An Inclusion Mindset with Erin McConahey
Watch the Virtual Branch Student Congress

In this session, Erin discussed how to grow beyond that minimum standard towards an inclusion mindset that actively seeks the breadth of thought that comes when organizations incorporate diversity within their midst as a better reflection of the real world. Erin weaved together story, research from the US, and personal insight to discuss the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with the goal of empowering audience members to own their voice, authority, and influence.

11/19/21 Getting Ready for the Workplace: Marlène Canuel
Watch the Virtual Branch Student Congress | View PowerPoint slides

In this workshop, Marlene covered resume writing, interview preparation and networking. Students gained an understanding of a recruiter point of view regarding the recruitment process, a professional check list to make sure their resume has all the important sections and information, different interview preparation methods and different ways to develop your professional network.

8/25/2021 ASHRAE Headquarters – The Design Process: Tim McGinn
Watch the Virtual Branch Student Congress | View PowerPoint slides

The new ASHRAE Headquarters finished construction in Atlanta Georgia and has been occupiable since October, 2020 although lightly used due to Covid restrictions. The 66,000 square foot 1970’s era urban office was under heavy renovation into a leading edge example of a net zero energy facility. Tim McGinn was the Chair of the Technical Advisory Subcommittee of the ASHRAE Headquarters AdHoc Committee and during this Virtual Student Congress, he outlined the necessity of the new headquarters, the design process and resulting design that took the building toward net zero energy without a compromise in indoor environmental quality.

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