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Enhancing student understanding of HVAC&R system design and sciences through competition.


2025 Design Competition

The 2025 student competition focuses on a new medical office building in the heart of Manchester, England. The medical office building will consist of a three-story structure. The goal of the project is to provide local access to doctors and out-patient treatment locations. 

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2025 Applied Engineering Challenge

The 2025 Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering Challenge (AEC) is focused on an innovative carbon capture and utilization module that integrates with existing HVAC&R systems 

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2024 Design Competition

The 2024 student competition focuses on a new central public library in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil. The library will consist of a three-story structure with a basement level. The goal of the library to be a community hub to promote education, community involvement, and diversity. 

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2024 Applied Engineering Challenge

The 2024 Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering Challenge (AEC) is focused on the design of a new or modified system using components from an existing HVAC unit that is at the end of its useful life to create an energy efficiency retrofits or recycled product. 

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2024 Building EQ (Building Energy Quotient) Competition

The Student Activities Committee and Building EQ Committee have collaborated to create a new Building EQ competition. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate and audit building energy consumption for buildings in operation to give the building a Building EQ score using the ASHRAE Building EQ online tools. 

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2023 ASHRAE High School Student Competition

The High School Design Competition is for students 13-18 years of age and provides the opportunity to take the first steps in designing a building’s HVAC system. This competition will expose high school students to the process that designers and engineers go through when designing building systems. 

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2024 HVAC&R Student Paper Competition

The competition is aimed at students working on their Bachelor and Master’s degree who are members of ASHRAE. A key component of the requirements is the preparation of a paper that is based on an accepted BS or MS thesis. 

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Solar Decathlon

The Solar Decathlon is a collegiate competition that challenges student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings powered by renewable energy. The combined competition features two tracks, the Design Challenge and the Build Challenge.