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Nominations for Members of 2019–2020 Board-Elected Councils and Standing Committees

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Darryl K. Boyce
2018–19 President-Elect

July 4, 2018

Subject: Nominations for Members of 2019–2020 Board-Elected Councils and Standing Committees

Are you interested in serving on an ASHRAE council or standing committee?

Do you know someone else who may be interested in serving?

I am requesting your assistance in identifying qualified members to serve on our Society’s Board-elected councils and standing committees for the 2019–2020 society year. One-third of the members of most committees rotate off each year; additionally, a new chair and vice chair must be appointed. Council and committee vacancies include the following:

List of Councils and Elected Committees

Technology Council
Publishing and Education Council
Standards Committee
Research Administration Committee
Technical Activities Committee
Handbook Committee
Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors will elect members to the above councils and standing committees for the 2019–2020 Society year. Results of the election will be announced at the 2019 Winter Meeting for terms beginning July 2019. Those who are elected will be notified in February.

We ask that you verify with each candidate that they are willing to serve if appointed before submitting their name. All information you submit will remain confidential.

Standing Committee Job Descriptions

Please add your comments regarding each candidate you recommend to provide additional insight as to why your candidate is well qualified to serve on the particular committee. Please nominate yourself if you would like to be considered to serve, or if you are rotating off a committee and would like another assignment. Except in special circumstances, it is preferable for a member to serve on only one council or Society standing committee or on a council and up to one Society standing committee at a time.

Deadline for Recommendations for Councils or Elected Standing Committees – September 15, 2018


For Your Information:  If you wish to nominate individuals to serve on grassroots committees, please submit your recommendations through your region.