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Policy and Advocacy Materials

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ASHRAE Position Statements

Written materials, approved by the Society’s Board of Directors (such as ASHRAE Position Statements, Position Documents and Position Briefs), officially represent the Society’s position on a technical subject. These are timely position documents, which have been developed by technical experts within the Society on major industry issues, also have been approved by the ASHRAE Board of Directors. These Board-sanctioned materials can be used (in whole or in part) in comments given by local chapters without seeking permission.

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Letters and Testimony

ASHRAE Government Affairs staff regularly tracks activities within Congress. and Federal, State and Provincial legislative bodies, and local government agencies that are of importance to ASHRAE members. When warranted, letters and testimony are prepared to express ASHRAE’s stance on a particular issue. The most recent letters or testimony appear below.


pdf_icon.png 07-25-2018 - ASHRAE Comments EU Ecodesign Regs for Data Storage

pdf_icon.png 07-17-2018 - President Sheila Hayter Writes Atlanta Georgia Mayor and City Council on Proposed Smoke Free Ordinance

pdf_icon.png 07-13-2018 - Letter to the Senate Supporting the DRRA's Building Code Provisions

pdf_icon.png 07-11-2018 - Appropriation Letter in Support for DOE EERE Programs and ENERGY STAR in Conference Negotiations

pdf_icon.png 06-26-2018 - Senate Letter on Perkins Reauthorization

pdf_icon.png 06-18-2018 - Support Letter for Provisions in the Disaster Recovery Reform Act (DRRA)

pdf_icon.png 05-22-2018 - Energy and Water Appropriations Letter

pdf_icon.png 04-27-2018 - Support for the ENERGY STAR Program

pdf_icon.png 04-17-2018 - Letter of Support for Triennial Code Review in Florida

pdf_icon.png 03-29-2018 - Senate FY2019 Appropriations Letter

pdf_icon.png 02-02-2018 - Energy Efficiency Appropriations Caps and Impoundment Letter

pdf_icon.png 02-02-2018 - Letter of Support for NIST


pdf_icon.png 12-18-2017 - Efficiency Tax Incentives Letter

pdf_icon.png 12-06-2017 - Energy Efficiency Appropriations and Caps Letter

pdf_icon.png 11-07-2017 - Support the ENERGY STAR Program 

pdf_icon.png 10-17-2017 - Multisociety Immigration Letter

pdf_icon.png 09-26-2017 - House Impoundment and Budget Letter

pdf_icon.png 09-26-2017 - Senate Impoundment and Budget Letter

pdf_icon.png 09-14-2017 - Public Comments on Behalf of ASHRAE in Indiana

pdf_icon.png 08-22-2017 - Public Comments on Behalf of ASHRAE in Kentucky

pdf_icon.png 06-26-2017 - HPBC Letter in Support of Energy Star

pdf_icon.png 05-03-2017 - Letter in Support of EPA’s Indoor Air Program Sent to Management and Budget Office

pdf_icon.png 03-21-2017 - Letter in Support of EnergyStar Sent to House Appropriations Committee

pdf_icon.png 03-21-2017 - Letter in Support of EnergyStar Sent to Senate Appropriations Committee

pdf_icon.png 03-10-2017 - President Wentz Writes Columbus Georgia City Council on Proposed Smoke-Free Ordinance


pdf_icon.png 12-27-2016 - ASHRAE Supports Indiana’s Commercial Energy Code Extension

pdf_icon.png 10-17-2016 - ASHRAE Supports Licensing That Works Task Force Efforts

pdf_icon.png 09-02-2016 - ASHRAE Comments-GSA Payment in Kind Rulemaking

pdf_icon.png 04/27/2016 - ASHRAE Comments to New York State on Proposed Legionella Rules

pdf_icon.png 01/23/2016 - ASHRAE Comments on EPA Proposed Section 608 Rule on Refrigerant Management


pdf_icon.png 11/13/2015 - ASHRAE Comments to DOE on BTO’s Draft Multi-Year Program Plan

pdf_icon.png 06/26/2015 - ASHRAE Opposition to Language in NC State Senate Budget Draft

pdf_icon.png 05/11/2015 - Sign-On Letter to Senate Appropriations Committee in Support of Model Building Energy Codes

Government Affairs Impact Brochures

If you wish to obtain additional copies, email Please limit quantities to 25 per request.

pdf_icon.png Region XIII — Global Alliances for Sustainability

pdf_icon.png Region-at-Large — Global Alliances for Sustainability

pdf_icon.png Government Affairs Impact Brochure

pdf_icon.png Government Advocacy Flyer

pdf_icon.png ASHRAE Canadian Impact Brochure

ASHRAE Public Policy Issue Briefs

In an effort to translate ASHRAE’s positions and activities into easily understood and communicated concepts, the Society has developed a series of Public Policy Issue Briefs. These documents are intended for distribution to government officials and others with limited technical expertise, but who would benefit from information regarding ASHRAE and its activities.

All files updated July 5, 2016

pdf_icon.png Building Energy Data: A Critical Resource

pdf_icon.png Climate Change and Building Energy Efficiency

pdf_icon.png Consensus Standards: Expert Solutions to Meet National Needs

pdf_icon.png Energy Efficiency for Buildings and HVAC&R Equipment

pdf_icon.png Energy Use Metrics and Targets for Commercial Buildings

pdf_icon.png Research and Development Needs to Meet National Goals

pdf_icon.png Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education & Competitiveness

pdf_icon.png Commercial Building Energy Use Disclosure