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ASHRAE’s Government Affairs staff has developed numerous resources to assist individual members and chapters to participate in both federal and state government. It is recommended that members and chapter leadership familiarize themselves with the legislative and regulatory process and the current issues ASHRAE is tracking. You may also wish to subscribe to the Government Affairs Updates, a bi-weekly e-mail featuring news and information on activities of interest to ASHRAE members. Tips for contacting your elected officials also are included on this page.

ASHRAE’s Positions and Resources

pdf_icon.png 2018–19 Public Policy Priorities

Letters and Testimony Sent to Policymakers

ASHRAE Position Documents

ASHRAE Public Policy Issue Briefs

Widely Used Standards

Standards Referenced in Code

ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines

ASHRAE Papers, Articles, Reports, and Seminar Recordings

Government Affairs Impact Brochures

If you wish to obtain additional copies, email Please limit quantities to 25 per request.

pdf_icon.png Region XIII – Global Alliances for Sustainability

pdf_icon.png Region-at-Large – Global Alliances for Sustainability

pdf_icon.png Government Affairs Impact Brochure

pdf_icon.png Government Advocacy Flyer

pdf_icon.png ASHRAE Canadian Impact Brochure

Contacting U.S. Members of Congress

U.S. Representatives

Find your U.S. Representative

Contact Information for your U.S. Representative

U.S. Senators

Find your U.S. Senator

Contact Information for your U.S. Senator


pdf_icon.png Tips on Phoning, Writing or E-mailing Legislators

pdf_icon.png Tips for Personal Visits

Helpful Toolkits and Presentations

youtube_icon.jpg Understanding GAC (8/3/2018)

ppt.png Outreach to Federal Congressional Offices (8/1/2018)

ppt.png How to Engage with Code Officials (Updated 8/1/2018)

ppt.png Planning a Day on the Hill (Updated 8/1/2018)

ppt.png Organizing GAC at the Local Level (Updated 8/1/2018)

ppt.png ABCs of Advocacy (Updated 8/1/2018)

ppt.png CRC Training (Updated 8/1/2018)

pdf_icon.png Strategy for Encouraging ASHRAE Member Engagement in the State Energy Program and Weatherization Assistance Program (Updated 8/1/2018)

pdf_icon.png Strategy for ASHRAE Member Engagement to Promote ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 – Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems (Updated 8/1/2018)

pdf_icon.png GAC Training Orientation (Updated June 22, 2018)

Government Advocacy Posters

pdf_icon.png Advocacy Poster

pdf_icon.png GAC Poster

pdf_icon.png Green Build Poster

pdf_icon.png Standards Advocacy Poster

Links to Organizations and Government Agencies

Activities of interest to ASHRAE members and others involved in the built environment are spread across numerous federal agencies and affected by many organizations. The Washington Office staff has compiled a list of links of organizations and government agencies active in issues relevant to ASHRAE members.